Massage Dis Melody Music Video, Released 11-2013

I support independent artist of all genres.  I teamed up with a hip-hop artist out of Oakland known as Tha Archivez to shoot the video for a recent release of his titled Massage Dis Melody.  I hope that you enjoy.

Music Video for Massage Dis Melody Performed by Tha Archivez, Directed by Samantha K Henderson, Release 11-2013

Life is All Order & Disorder

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

We accept that order, organization, guidance, and rules are reasonable expectations. Symbols of this idea are ever-present in our society in various forms such as highway and street signage. Stop and Do Not Enter are symbols of the rules. Wrong Way is a symbol of a guide. Right Lane Merges is a symbol of organization and order is the result of recognizing the symbols and adhering to the message. We expect disorder to exist in absence of order and accept it. Remove the Wrong Way sign and the first vehicle to go the wrong way down a one-way street will cause a wreck. I purpose to reiterate the idea that there is a blur between order and disorder in society depending on your point of view or how you interpret the message the symbol communicates. Looking at the tagged highway signage we have a symbol of the coexistence of order and disorder in life in an art form. The street sign represents order and the tagging represents disorder or destruction to the person who can not interpret the message. In another form, it may be perceived as an artistic expression. It is artistic and nondestructive or destructive depending on perception. There is no solution to differences in perception because each individual has his or her own. We can resolve to acknowledge these differences, ask questions, and be less judgmental of one another.

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